Thursday, December 24, 2009

Big Fish, Bigger Fun

Here are some pics of some of the big fish we have caught over the past few months.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mackerel & Sea Trout City

The past two weeks were on fire for mackerel and sea trout. Ed caught an enormous Spanish Mackerel, about 28". We thought it was going to spool him out on his spinning rod, what a powerful fish. We also landed some nice Sea Trout, some of the best eating fish in the world.

When we got off the flat Doug hooked into a 50# Southern Stingray, and about twenty minutes later landed a 5' Bull Shark. What a great day fishing!!!!!!

A Few Days later, Ed's neighbor Jeff Landed a very large Sea Trout, over five pounds. Great Catch.

Until next time good fishing to all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome to Beach Fishing in Southwest Florida!!!

Hi everyone, welcome to the homapage to the greatest fishery in the world (that I know of). This site is the brainchild of three hardcore passionate saltwater fishermen who want the challenge of landing big fish on the beach; Doug Bailey, Jay Wolak, and Ed Clark. We started this site for everyone that has a desire to fish but not the resources for the best gear available. The fishing action has been as hot as the weather here with the big fish not living us dissapointed. In the past few months Ed has caught a 6' Bull Shark, trophy sized mackerel, and trout. Jay has landed an 8' Bull Shark, Red and Black Grouper, Mackerel, Trout, a 6 1/2' Nurse Shark, Snook, Large Stingrays, and Redfish. Doug's trophys include 3 Sawfish, one 8', 9', and 9 1/2', a 200 pound Southern Stingray, 7' Nurse Shark, 5' Bull Shark, Hammerhead Shark, 35 pound Red Grouper, Black Grouper, Mackerel, Sea Trout, amont numerous others.

We fish every week somewherw in Southwest Florida (SWFL) and hope to place numerous pictures and blogs about our adventures. We encourage everyone to share thier adventures with also.

Until the next time the reel clicks, happy fishing to eveyone.